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FOMA was founded in 1982 and currently has about 100 members that enjoy cruising and racing offshore multihulls on West Central Florida coastal waters. FOMA means fun and friendship with an opportunity to make lifelong acquaintances. FOMA affords its members an opportunity to meet socially with your fellow sailors in a different restaurant every month. Happy Hour and the Menu take precedence over the business agenda. Speakers and representatives from the marine industry help keep us up to date on the latest developments and technological innovations. Typically we meet on the third Tuesday of each month starting at 7pm. We always have a great time. Everyone interested in multihull sailboats is welcome and invited to attend. You don't need a boat to participate .... just an interest in innovative sailboats.

 The FOMA fleet is extremely diverse from the smallest (and one of the fastest), a Stiletto 23, (actually the smallest is a Tiki 21) to the largest, a Lagoon 57, FOMA covers the offshore multihull spectrum. The armada includes everything from the latest carbon fiber Farrier designs to boats built entirely from scratch or from kits including a Farrier F9A (a fast 31ft Tri) built by the owner. The common thread seems to be boat owners that delight in constant innovation and improvement not to mention sailing fast.

FOMA's schedule tries to accommodate this diverse fleet with a variety of events including cruises and races. From the Venice Boat Parade over the holiday season to the Key West Race in the spring, to the  Summer Friday Night Series and gunk hole raft-ups, we have events designed to bring multihullers together.