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Results Tables Articles & Photos
Michelob Cup  
TSS Commodores Cup  
Anchor Cup 2003  

Gasparilla 2003

Clearwater Key West May 2001
Bikini Cup May 2001
NORA 02/02/97  
FOMA Frolic 3/1/97 Rich Carlson Article
SORC 1997 Steve Steakley Article
Michelob Cup 3/21/98 Mike Speth Article
Clearwater Classic 4/25/98  
Hospice Cup 5/03/97 Rich Carlson Article
Key West 5/16/97
Doran Cushing Article Dale Walker Article
Commodore's Cup 10/04/97
Sid Zipperman Article
Toshiba/Carlisle Classic 10/11/97
DBC Harvest Moon 10/18/97
97 Stiletto Nationals
The 1997 Stiletto Nationals Line Up
Clearwater Cup 11/01/97
Noel Robbins Article Steve Steakley Article Don Wigston Article
Venice Boat Parade 12/06/97
FOMA Frolic 1/11/98
Anchor Cup 2/28/98
Sid Zipperman Article Winner's Circle Photo Nice Pair Photo
Tampa Sailing Squadron Oct 98
98 Stiletto Nationals Data
98 Stiletto Nationals Final Points

Steve Steakley Article Boyz at the Bar Rafted up Party Time Still Partyin' This looks like a good crash pad Hey can we eat or what? We can Eat and talk OK who's the smart ass?
99 TSS Gasparilla Results
Steve Steakley Article
99 PAGYC Anchor Cup Results
Sid Zipperman Article
2000 FOMA Frolic Results
2000 Gasparilla Regatta Results )
2000 Anchor Cup Results )